Best Divorce Lawyers in Chandigarh

Our divorce lawyers in Chandigarh have more than four decades of expertise under their belt, catering to families going through divorce, settling child custody disputes, determining child alimony and the like. Through our experience, skills and zeal for helping families, we strive, fiercely, to get the best possible outcome that our clients deserve. No matter how difficult your case may be, we give our utmost attention and commitment to every case that comes our way. It is your right to have a bright future. We, at Chandigarh Lawyers Group, are here to give you just that. Our advocates work relentlessly to help you obtain a pain-free divorce—be it your kids’ future or the sharing of marital assets. Divorce happens to be an inherently expensive process, which, without the right lawyer may become burdensome for not just you but also your children.

Our Chandigarh family lawyers have represented clients all over the city, in all sorts of cases. Not only judges but also other divorce advocates are well-acquainted with our team’s experience and expertise in handling cases. This implies that they are familiar with our passion and try not to underestimate our strengths or exploit our clients.

Our divorce advocates in Chandigarh comprises of the best family legal advisors in the city. As a team, we work diligently, from various areas in Chandigarh – to get our customers the most ideal outcomes. We give our clients an understanding of every conceivable situation that may emerge from the process of divorce. We are passionate, determined, and when required – uncompromising – with a specific end goal to get our customers their fair share. We work consistently to help our clients get what they legitimately deserve; no matter how aggressive the opposing side may turn out to be. As your trusted Chandigarh divorce law firm, we can assure you that you will be informed about every minor detail regarding your case. You will know about everything going on, and can contact us round the clock.

When going through the painful process of a divorce, you require expert Chandigarh lawyers who can relate to and are aware of how stressful the whole procedure is – and how you require a lawyer who is your ally. Our Chandigarh marital advocates are well aware of both the mental and financial stress that follows a divorce. We strive to get you the most ideal and stress-free outcome. In spite of where you may live, our lawyers can extend their help to you. With more than five decades of experience, we have handled and witnessed all sorts of divorce cases. We comprehend not only the law, but also the direct and indirect ramifications divorce might have on your life. When it comes to advising you, our Chandigarh divorce lawyers take the full picture into account and give suggestions accordingly. Our objective isn’t simply to win – it’s to think of an answer that works well for you and your family. We take into consideration not just your future but also your children.

Our Expertise:

  • Divorce
  • Child Custody
  • Maintenance and Alimony
  • Section 498A and Dowry
  • Domestic Violence
  • Who We Are and What Drives Us: Our law firm is a top of the line Chandigarh divorce law firm with more than five decades of legal experience. Based in the City Beautiful- Chandigarh, our firm is a well-established name when it comes to divorce law firms and is also one of the oldest in the city. We have immeasurable experience dealing with intense, atypical and complicated cases. We also have an inside track of how the legal justice system functions – and we are aware of when, and how, aggression can bring to the table what you rightfully deserve. Hence, choosing to work with us can give you benefits that not many firms can offer to you.
  • We Are Selective and Effective: Why we help only a specific number of clients Each Month: Our advocates take up only a specific number of cases every month. We confine our caseload in order to give the utmost time and consideration to all the clients accepted by us. We focus on working with not many clients as we want to get the best results for each and every one who relies on us. What sets our firm apart from the others is that we don’t depend on paralegals and non-lawyers to deal with the main part of our work. Our experienced and devoted Chandigarh divorce advocates themselves do most of the case-related work. When you choose us, you choose the best in the game to handle your case. Our firm recognizes that the advocate you pick to handle your divorce can be more crucial the whole process of divorce. Divorce comes as a turning point in the lives of those who go through it. We acknowledge this and deal with your case as though it were our very own, treating it with the same level of zeal and diligence.
  • Consultation minus the risk: If you are looking for free consultation, face to face or via telephone, our Chandigarh divorce lawyers offer that too. During the course of this discussion we can answer any query that you may have relating to our case. We acquaint you with what your legal rights are and suggest what your best course of action ought to be. This initial consultation does not mean that you have to commit to work with us. This consultation is a way for us to give you an honest and clear picture of what you are to expect from us and the divorce. To begin working with us, you can call us – or fill in the contact form. We are open to meeting you at whichever location suits you best. When you join us as a client, we can even meet you at your business location – if that makes things easier. Our group of divorce lawyers have unparalleled experience dealing with even the most intense and complicated cases. With more than 50 long years of experience in hand, we’ve witnessed some of the hardest, most litigious, and astonishing divorce cases ever. Over the years, what has not changed are our commitment to our work and the favorable results we’ve achieved in all our cases. Our Chandigarh family advocates are interviewed by the media every now and then and we’re held in high regard by both judges and lawyers alike. We bring in relentless dedication and aggression to each and every case we handle.

Is it possible for our lawyers to help settle out of court?

Settling a divorce out of court has advantages of its own. One can save on a lot of time, money, and the agony that comes with a divorce. However, in some cases settling out of court could end up on below average terms, costing you money in the long haul. We work for you to get the outcome you need from your case. One ought to never have buyer’s regret while settling one’s case. Our lawyers are firm in their negotiations, and keep your best interests in mind. “Compromise” is a word that we do not believe in. We do everything feasible to take your case to court and get you the results that you deem right. We understand that a divorce can be quite a long procedure but we don’t suggest settling your case without putting up a good fight. You can rely on our advocates to battle for your case at each stage.

There are numerous ways to get to a divorce settlement that is uncontested. A few couples will attempt to arrive at a settlement prior to either party filing for divorce. Others might finalize it amidst the process of divorce mediation. Yet again, some may choose to settle the case amid the course of trial. The process may vary and this depends upon various factors of the case:

  • Are the spouses cooperating with each other: Some life partners hold a level of respect for each other and negotiate keeping a common decency in their minds. A few spouses experience issues controlling their feelings. Some will prolong the proceedings on purpose, with an intention to increase the cost of the divorce and hurt their partner in the process.
  • Understanding about kids: Child custody stands as the most widely recognized reason behind delays in divorces. On the off chance that you and your companion can concede to the terms of custody, it’s presumably going to be less demanding to settle out of court. If the guardians agree on taking quick decisions relating to the children it becomes relatively simpler for settling out of court.
  • Existing conjugal agreements: If you have a current pre-nuptial, or post-nuptial agreement then it might settle various marital issues. In the event that you already have an understanding like this, it “closes” every one of the arrangements and negotiations which would usually happen. This is on the grounds that the prenup/postnup is a written agreement which dictates what occurs in case the marriage breaks up.
  • Do you have legal representation: Already having legal representation can speed up things for you. You can keep the ball rolling if you have a skilled advocate by your side. In case you’re attempting to handle the divorce on your own, it can be troublesome since your own emotions may meddle with the proceedings of the divorce.

While it’s entirely possible to settle a divorce prior to the point it reaches the court, it’s critical that you understand that this does not always happen. Usually, the partners have different opinions and this can be a hindrance when trying to negotiate the terms of a divorce settlement. We suggest you never arrive at a divorce settlement without having adequate legal representation.

We generally suggest contracting an advocate who is on your side. Coming to an agreement without skilled legal aid is as good as a mistake. Once the mistake is committed, it cannot be taken back. Composing your own settlement agreement is the most common way in which spouses commit errors. Legal language is not without consequences, and it is imperative to have it written minus errors.

Why us

  • We are committed To You: We are enthusiastic and dedicated to help our clients get the best result. Unlike other firms, we don’t centre around billable hours. We just focus on giving the most ideal solution.
  • Consider us your allies who will guide you at every step: Your companion, or his/her lawyer, will endeavour to exploit you. We acknowledge this and make it a point to keep you well-balanced. We’ve seen partners using kids, and feelings as reasons to coerce their spouses. We keep that from happening. We utilize the principles, and our insightful experience in such cases, to avert mistakes and potential bargains that could affect you negatively. We treat you like our family – someone you can trust.
  • What an Uncontested Divorce means: Being divorce advocates, we particularly comprehend what an uncontested divorce is. By and large, this sort of divorce is the one in which the two parties are in complete agreement. Our legal advisors can enable couples to arrive at settlement terms, without having to go through trial, and end in an “uncontested,” consummation. In uncomplicated terms, it implies the companions have arrived at an agreement with never going to court/having a judge settle the issues. These sorts of divorces move significantly quickly through the system of the court, and are more affordable. It enables spouses to proceed with their lives relatively quickly.
  • We are immensely resourceful and aggressive in our approach. We get every client the results that they rightfully deserve.

What we do for you

  • The sole focus of divorce lawyers in Chandigarh is to obtain the best outcome for not just you but also your family. We do not go by just what we think is right. We do give you our perspective but eventually strategize and negotiate according to what YOUR goals are. Our aim is to create customized solutions with you as our focus. It is imperative that you know that our advocates are wholly in your support, understanding the uniqueness of your situation. It is our firm belief that the key to hassle-free divorces is hearing and recognizing what the family members have to say. By listening to you, we concentrate on the resolution that is your need, and desire.
  • A tendency that many divorce lawyers have is to create unnecessary “problems” which will eventually have to be paid for by you, to be fixed. This is an unethical practice. It is our principle to do our work in manner that is fair and balanced. This ensures that the outcome will be in accordance with what you want. Whatever we do, we ensure that we are being fair to you and protect your rights. We also tend to negotiate with the other party on amicable terms. No matter which lawyer you pick, you can rest assured that we will get you the most ideal resolution for everything that you consider important, without unnecessary delay.
  • There are many lawyers who refuse to work amicably with the opposing side, creating issues that are not necessary. Litigation is both time-consuming, as well as stressful but since our focus is on getting the best possible outcome for our clients, we believe in treating the other party with respect. By putting in a collaborative effort to tackle your case effectively, we get the best resolution for you. Since our focus is not money but YOU, we also charge you relatively less than other divorce law firms.
  • Our ultimate goal is to get you the result that you want. There may be times when the other party refuses to cooperate and in such a scenario, being fair and balanced fails to work. However, our years of experience and skills have prepared us for everything. If we have to go to trial on your behalf, we will because sometimes litigating in court is the only way in which your rights can be protected. Winning in court is all about knowing what will work and what won’t. Experience is key. SLA Chandigarh matrimonial advocates can help you build your case and then represent you, irrespective of the place or time.
  • No matter how difficult your case may be, our team is experienced enough to handle it. We have dealt with some of the most complicated divorces, family law, asset distribution, cases in all of Chandigarh. Whatever may be the nature of your case-we are here to help. Our immensely skilled team will effectively handle each and every aspect pertaining to your case. At our firm, nothing is left in the hands of fate because we believe in protecting your rights at all costs. If you are on the lookout for a matrimonial law firm that is extremely well versed, hire us without a second thought.
  • In the case that you have to go to trial, you would want an advocate who is acquainted with the judges, court staff, and opposing counsels. Such familiarity gets things done more easily and also means that your case is in the hands of a law firm worthy of being trusted. Our fouding partners bring their years of invaluable experience to every case that we undertake. We are adept at talking to judges and dealing with opposing counsel and can thwart any attempt from their side to disregard your rights. Our team is well-trained and know the matrimonial/family courts of Chandigarh inside out. They are known and respected for their quality of strong advocacy that our clients benefit from.
  • When hiring a divorce law firm Chandigarh, one would only want to hire the best; someone who delivers what they promise and respects your time. Our law firm in Chandigarh is comprised of lawyers who are highly trained and a support staff that will ensure that your case is given proper attention. Much different than how solo lawyers function, our team strives to do everything possible to make sure that every client’s expectations are met.
  • Not all divorce and family law matters are the same. There are numerous ways of approaching and handling a case. Experience matters when you hire an advocate for working on your case. With this experience in hand, we come with all possible strategies to benefit our clients. Your needs as well as your family’s needs are kept in mind at every step by our lawyers. They work WITH you to find an approach that suits you best.