Can I change my divorce lawyer in Chandigarh?

While it is possible to change your lawyer for any reason, you are advised not to change lawyers continually since new lawyers will find it difficult to be familiar with your case in depth. If you think that the lawyer you have presently hired is not working the way you want you can always change him/her. This can be done by:

  • A No Objection Certificate (NOC) should be prepared by the attorney on the Vakalatnama and other such related documents.
  • In case your lawyer refuses to handover the NOC to you then you can immediately issue a notice of termination to the concerned lawyer. You must then apply to the court in order to withdraw the Vakaltnama. Another Vakalatnama will be submitted to the court by the newly-hired lawyer.

How should the divorce petition be drafted?

It is the task of your lawyer to draft a divorce petition. In case it is a mutual consent divorce, the petition will cover the basic requirements, for example, it is not possible for the spouses to live together, they have lived separately for the stipulated time. A contested divorce will contain your grounds for filing for divorce that fall under the personal law which your marriage is governed by. You are supposed to give every minute detail to your lawyer and the necessary documents that will help him or her draft a petition that is brief but precise.