NRI divorce in India

It is imperative to note that the divorce decrees that Indian courts pass hold legitimacy in countries other than India, just as marriages that are registered here do not lose their validity in other countries. No foreign court will question the validity of a divorce decree passed by an Indian court if a couple was married in India.

In case the couple is the joint owner of property in the foreign country, the divorce decree has to be recognized in that particular country. Recognition of this kind is obtained by filing the necessary petition according to the country’s laws. This counts as the very last legal requirement for a divorce to be finalized if the individuals are NRIs.

Laws protecting the interest of Indian married to NRIs are limited in number. Considering the increase in the number of unsuccessful marriages between Indian and NRI, the government has directed non-governmental organizations in India as well as abroad to guide and advise Indian men and women wedded to NRIs. Counselling, moral support and legal advice are offred by such NGOs in case someone gets divorced or separated.

It should be noted that although a divorce may already be in process in a different country, it is advised that you hire a lawyer who can deal with NRI-related Indian divorce laws effectively.