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A lot of work may be involved when a couple that is married decides to part ways. The specialized assistance offered by our Divorce Lawyers in Chandigarh can help in streamlining the process of becoming legally single again by framing Divorce Agreement in mutual consent divorce in Chandigarh. It is also called uncontested divorce in Chandigarh. The following guide lists the ways in which lawyers can assist their clients in the course of a divorce or separation.

Divide Property: It is common knowledge that almost every married couple jointly owns everything they have. This makes it a tough task to divide possessions in the face of a divorce. Our Chandigarh divorce lawyers for mutual consent divorce whose focus is Divorce Agreements can chalk out the terms of ownership of everything a couple owns. An itemized inventory can help keep account of every single piece of property. Such a list ensures that there is quality in financial worth for both partners. Not just this, all major investments can be dealt with without much hassle. Our lawyers can help you decide who can keep the residential properties, amenities, automobiles and stocks.

Arrange Alimony and Child Support: When severing a relationship, financial income also needs to adequately settled. Spouses may claim that they had been conditioned to a certain level of lifestyle. This can grant them alimony payments in keeping with their existing obligations and expensive habits. Separation may get more complicated if children are also involved. This means that child support will also be added to the expense of paying alimony. Being eligible for receiving financial support from the former partner is based on numerous nuanced factors and their combination. The exact amount of payments also depends on these factors. But the most important aspects that are taken into consideration are earnings, debt, marriage duration and prenuptial contracts.

Determine Custody and Visitation: It is natural for separating couples to disagree on several issues but child custody and visitation is the main concern during the process. If the partners can not arrive at a decision, a Divorce Agreements attorney can help the sessions to work out. If the partners are bitter against each other and still cannot decide, the matter will be presented before a judge. Accordingly, the judge can grant custody to both or one of the parents. They will also decide the exact terms involved around the kid’s living situation. These regulations will be in effect until the child attains the age of 18. Thereafter they are free to make decisions relating to their home and family.

Finalize Divorce: The preliminary stage of divorce is separation. The following steps take more time and work. Our Divorce Agreements lawyers strive to streamline this process. If the first stage is made easy, the rest of the divorce process has a smooth sailing. A clearer perspective is achieved when the initial separation is acquired. Once such a distance is maintained, planning cohesively for the divorce proceedings gets easy because there are lesser chances of emotional disruptions as well as volatile interactions. It is imperative to attain this initial stage of freedom as it can help set the wheels of your case in motion.

Apply for Name Changes: The former partners may not want to keep their matching names once the divorce is completed. This is a problem that is more common amongst women as they are more likely to have dropped their maiden name and taken the husband’s instead. While many choose to return to what their family bane was, there are also some who prefer creating a new name and identity. Some may even choose to drop their surname. All in all there are a lot of available options for those who wish to pick an original legal moniker at the start of a new beginning.

Modify the Will: Once a marriage is dissolved, many partners may forget to remove their ex partner from their will. As a result, former spouses may sometimes be left as beneficiaries to assets and old estates. To avoid this, the recipients of your will must be reviewed right after obtaining a divorce. When someone decides to alter their will in the event of a separation, the new recipient is most commonly a child or a parent.

Get Restraining Orders if Needed: If the couple has divorced under not so amicable circumstances, an attorney will guide you through the steps of attaining a protection order. Such a legal document prohibits any contact between two people. This can be achieved by presenting evidence of mistreatment in court and the need to back up such claims. What should never be tolerated are harassment and intimidation. Our lawyers will do everything they can to protect the clients from abuse at the hands of their former partner. While the objective is to handle everything peacefully, criminal threats will not be taken lightly. Such seriousness can help now independent victims of abuse who need a new lease of life.

Consider Pressing Criminal Charges: In case matters get out of hand, a Divorce Agreements lawyer in Chandigarh can come to the aid of the victim and file charges for abuse against the partner. Spouses who feel jilted can decide to seek revenge and incidents of this nature must be handled with expertise. Such circumstances are enough to prove a lack of cooperation bordering on criminal activity and can help in the victim’s separation case as well. A parent convicted of felony is seen as unfit to raise a child. This can result in their rights being revoked in favour of the other parent.

Look into Settling Outside Court: When couples can agree personally, less formality and bureaucracy is required and involved. Hence, it is wiser to reach a settlement even before litigation is finalized. If both the parties agree to engage in a fruitful conversation about the future, getting a judge involved is not required. If you are guided by a professional Chandigarh Settlements Agreement lawyer, such meetings can have a positive outcome for all parties involved.

Find Extra Resources: For some people, having been married for a long time may prove to be especially difficult when separating. Homelessness is a concern that comes up frequently and this can be adequately addressed by our lawyers. Clients will be given access to food and shelter if the situation is urgent in nature. Changes in finance may cause decline in health. In such a case medical resources may also be provided to the client. Child services and day care can also be arranged on short notice prior to the trial.

Attempt Reconciliation: Some couples may decide to not split at all and this may be due to the mediation services that our lawyers offer. All the major differences can be resolved during this process and a healing discourse may be facilitated. When all their concerns are already resolved on paper, a couple may see fit to not separate at all. This does not occur frequently but is always a welcome possibility.

Final Note: Our mutual consent divorce lawyers in Chandigarh work really hard to make couples separate on amicable terms. They understand the nuances of every case and can effectively deal with a wide range of marital conflicts. Our lawyers create an open and transparent environment where interpersonal issues that may have lasted for decades would also be resolved. No case is too difficult for us. We inherently know how stress can be removed from the process of separation. Our specialists work day in and day out to find the most satisfactory resolution to a union that was not as satisfactory.