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Divorce or any other family law proceeding in Chandigarh is a stressful situation as it is, but having experienced and empathetic legal representation by your side can make your circumstances much better. Our team of family lawyers is dedicated to your case and understands the complexities and sentiments that come along with your case. We believe in ensuring that your emotional burden is not accompanied by legal as well as financial burdens.

When it comes to family law in Chandigarh, we have had a strong scorecard of five decades of experience. Regardless of where you are from, we have taken up cases of clients who come from varied walks of life. We would be delighted to let you know how we can be of help in your family law case in Chandigarh.

What We Can Do for You

  • First and foremost, we can extend our family lawyers in Chandigarh have experience of 50 years to your case. Having worked at various levels of the law, we are effective at everything that comes with the job. We strive to understand not only the law but also the people who interpret the law. Rest assured, we will represent you in front of them in the way that YOU want, ensuring that all of your emotions are translated into legal language in a way that nothing you want to convey is missed out by them.
  • Second, we offer our clients a team that is dedicate towards their case. There will two lawyers who will guide you effectively when it comes to all the legal terms. A separate lawyer will be assigned for collecting the information needed for giving substance to your case. We will look into exactly what transpired and arrive at legal strategies that will protect the interests of you as well as your family’s.
  • Third, when you hire us, you hire a certain reputation that comes along with our firm’s name. We begin with a free consultation where you get to interact with our lawyers, in person. We value personal interaction with our clients and this has helped us build a rapport with some of the most famous people in the region. We have represented them without having violated their privacy.
  • If you are on the verge of making big changes to your personal life, we can come to your aid even if you are not in immediate trouble. If you intend to protect yourself and your rights before you get married, we can offer our expertise to draft a prenuptial agreement. In case you did have one prior to your marriage and are now in a tough situation, we can help you by drawing up a post-nuptial agreement.
  • We understand that a family law case can bring with it a lot of financial burden, especially if the case takes a lot of time to be resolved. While working on your case we also look into the financial aspects such as equitable distribution and spousal maintenance. If we find any financial loopholes that can come to your aid, we will ensure that you get it.

Who We Are

Many of the people employed with us have gone through similar family law troubles. With their first-hand experience of handling such matters we can assure you the best of legal knowledge and expertise. We know the emotions that one goes through when dealing with such cases and we are here to guide you through it effectively. A look at the client testimonials on our website can give you an idea of how we treat our clients. They are real people who we now consider as family. Our consultative services are available round the clock. That means we are available day in and day out, trying to lend our best services to you. We intend to make people feel like they have whatever they needed, for charges that are not exorbitant.

The Next Step

In case it is not possible for you to come over to our office, we can arrange free consultation with our family advocates in Chandigarh over video call. During the course of this call, we will explain to you all that you need to know about your case and help you plan your next move. This does not stand as an obligation for you to hire us but we are sure that this will acquaint you with the reputation we have garnered over the years.

Our first and foremost priority is to not let anyone take advantage of you. The opposing side may attempt to make use of your emotions against you, or pick on a technicality that may not be favorable for you. Even in such circumstances, we aim to never back down and get the best possible outcome for you. We treat all our clients in the same manner and want them to get what they rightfully deserve.

We treat you like our own family and this is something that you can feel even while we stand beside you in stressful courtroom. You can start by giving us a call or dropping an email so that we may begin working on your case at the earliest.