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Father’s Rights

It is probable that courts may place a slew of hurdles in the paths of fathers when it comes to them exercising their rights in the event of separation, divorce or any situation that could put distance between fathers and their children. But these hurdles to accessing your rights depend on many factors, including where you live. We help you by making you understand better the legal access that fathers should have to their children; we acquaint you with your rights.

Realities of Lost Visitation: It is considered natural that any father who stands separated from his children would seek a degree of custody and that would give him the very same protections and ability as mothers do when wanting custody for their children. However, this has not been the case if history is to be taken into account. The criminal and civil histories of the father as well as the person currently holding custody will set the tone for court interactions in the future and determining who will get subsequent custody. However clean a father’s character testimony and past record may be, courts still tend to disproportionately favour the mother, even when it has been verified that the father is a reliable individual.

In the case of visitation rights, some mothers may want to control and limit the access a father has to the children so as to settle a personal issue against the spouse. This could affect the children psychologically and emotionally and could also manage to sway the court’s decision in her favour. A child may develop parental alienation syndrome if subjected to a situation in which the father is completely absent from his/her life.

Continued absence of a father in their life can change the children’s relationship with the father forever. This will majorly affect the child even in adulthood and this could clearly be detrimental to the child’s mental health. This also gets frustrating for the father, as his participation in the lives of his children is drastically reduced or even entirely eliminated. Despite this, their financial contribution in raising the children may still be demanded by law.

Such circumstances will lead to a child feeling alienated from their parent and create an unhealthy equation for their upbringing. A father may not have the necessary finance to fund his child but may still be expected to do so every month, all the while being denied the right to meet his children. But this still does not count as the worst circumstance that a father has to face while attempting to get custody of his children.

Orders of Protection in Chandigarh: Before any investigation takes place, a mother could contact her local police station, claiming that she or the children have been subjected to abuse at the hands of the father. Or even that she fears for her safety from the former husband. In such cases she stands a strong probability of being granted an order of protection against him. Under such circumstances a father is open to contest this order made against him in court and also request a formal hearing in order to determine whether or not the charges against him are valid. He stands a chance of receiving it after a few months in the future but it may even take a year or more in some cases.

Not only would a conflict between the parents adversely impact the child’s home life, the father may also experience difficulties owing to the abrupt shift in his life that places undue burden on him.

What should a father do in such matrimonial dispute?

To clean any charges leveled against them or even access the rights athat are there at his a disposal, a father needs immediate legal representation. Our attorneys have ample experience with court system and law that enables them to understand your specific case better. We can offer you the best defense that will result in a fair resolution of all your legal complications.