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High Net Worth Divorce

A high net-worth divorce case in Chandigarh may often be tougher to represent than normal divorce. This is because in a high net-worth case, complex tax issues may be involved in addition to the division of marital property and other sophisticated financial holdings. Such cases require the knowledge and expertise of a lawyer who financially savvy. Our firm is well-recognized in such realms we provide intelligent representation as well as reliable advice to people who have a high net-worth. Both men and women are represented by us and we handle each and every case with utmost respect, professionalism and privacy.

With five decades of experience under our credit, we have acquired the necessary knowledge in dealing with successful businesses, professional practices, large estates and high-value assets and property. At our firm, we believe in representing our clients with precision. We understand that every marriage is unique, and adjust our representation approach accordingly to reach the desired goals for divorce. We will handle discreetly and effectively every factor of a high net-worth divorce and this is not limited to complex divorce litigation and asset division. CEOs, professional athletes, public figures and celebrities have all been part of our clientele because they require top of the line service and representation.

Our well-experienced attorneys will work in collaboration with forensic accountants in order to uncover hidden assets, valuing a company and protecting assets. Business owners with high net-worth would require an approach that is advanced in division and property valuation. Every detail is paid attention to when we decide the accurate value of a business, stock option and possible buyouts. Our years of experience allow us to identify any special afreements or contracts immediately.

Professional and Sophisticated Representation: When confronted with a potential divorce, quite a few high net-worth individuals attempt to avoid an accurate valuation of assets and division of marital property. Some people may resort to using shell corporations, tax shelters and offshore accounts in an attempt to hide their assets or downplay their actual net-worth. As and when required, our form will retain the help of experts so that our clients get a fair share of nay marital property or assets. We work with business evaluation experts, forensic accountants and tax professionals on a regular basis to help locate assets and value their sources of income accurately.

Sources of income mostly include business ventures, investment instruments, real estate, retirement and bank accounts and stock portfolios. We guarantee our clients meticulous investigation and also employ smart and proven strategies to build your case. It is often assumed that taking an aggressive approach is the best during a separation or divorce. However, at lour law firm we believe that the best way in which we can serve our clients is by devising a strategic representation approach that is directed at benefiting the specific client in the long as well as short term.

Some firms believe that the winning at all costs approach is the best one there is. However, we know that this approach can get more expensive for the client while only focussing on short-term results. Having an overtly aggressive litigator on your side would ruin all chances of future cooperation from the other spouse and the children would end up as victims in such a scenario. Our Divorce Lawyers in Chandigarh ensure that our clients get a customized approach for their case that works out well for them as well as their children. If going to trial lies in the best interest of our client, we will litigate skilfully and forcefully, depending on the situation. If it is possible for us to save the client from a long drawn-out and complex trial, we will negotiate a settlement agreement and take all necessary action by focusing on a private resolution outside of the courtroom.

You may have many concerns regarding the financial aspects of your life if you are a high net-worth individual on the brink of a divorce. Please give us a call today in order to schedule an appointment with one of our lawyers who specializes in cases such as yours. Our potential clients are all given free consultation face to face, over the phone or even by video chat.