What legal rights do Indian women have in marriage?

Every woman, regardless of being married or separated, deserves to lead a life marked by freedom, dignity, support and care; without fearing the possibility of any emotional or physical violence, humiliation or neglect at the hands of her spouse. India has long been an essentially patriarchal country and this has resulted in women having been subjected to traumatizing situations such as cruelty inflicted by the spouse and in-laws, marital rape and forced abortions. There exist laws that had been passed in order to not just protect women but also raise their socio-economic status in the society. If we talk of the situation today, we cannot deny the existence of adequate laws. However, the complex nature of these laws renders many women helpless as they do not know how they can use these laws for their benefit.


It is widely agreed that the country’s law system is rather complex. However, on this blog we will give our best to simplify these laws so that you understand how the legal rights of men and women in our country work. These sections include, but are not limited to the rights a man and woman has in a divorce, child custody, domestic violence, cases in which the in-laws pressurize the woman to give dowry and also rape laws.