Why some NRI marriages result in divorce?

Many Indians aspire to settle abroad to lead a better life. This motivates many of them to get married to NRI brides and grooms. If statistics are taken into account, we find that 225 women from metro cities in India tie the knot with NRI groom every year. From the 225, at least 25 women stand deserted by their husbands or want to terminate the marriage because they may have been cheated by the family of the groom. This phenomenon of wives being abandoned by their NRI husbands has seen an increase over the decade. Almost every state in India witnesses cases of this nature where women are abandoned by NRI men who reside in the several countries of the Middle East, Europe and also US and Canada. Owing to the ever-growing nature of this problem, it is advised that women are acquainted with the situations which they can face, when married to an NRI.

Some commonly-occurring situations that lead to divorces between Indian women and NRI men are:

  • The NRI already has another spouse. In some case, he may have children too who are settled abroad with him. What happens in most cases is that the groom leaves the bride with his parents in India and refuses to take her along. In case the truth is exposed, the family of the bride seeks a divorce for their daughter.
  • In some cases the groom’s family may have exaggerated about their wealth in the country of residence. This may include lying about the son’s income, their house, vehicle etc. The reality, however, may be far from this. The bride would feel that she has been cheated and consequently file for divorce.
  • There may be lifestyle clashes between the husband and wife, owing to their different experiences in two differ countries. Such incompatibility could also be the reason for seeking divorce.
    The NRI husband may disappear out of the blue and leave the wife stranded in a country that is completely new to her.
  • It may also happen that the wife is forced or hoodwinked into coming back to India and left here without a visa or passport and no way of joining her husband again.
  • The wedding could have taken place before the husband migrated abroad and the wife was never sent the money or sponsorship required for a visa so that she could join him. In the same vein, a man already settled abroad could come to India with the sole purpose of marrying and then leave, without ever sending the visa papers or the needful for the wife.
  • A majority of such marriages are held in haste, often when the men are in India for a short while. A popular term for women who are left in a lurch like this is “holiday brides.”