Workings of the India’s Family Law Courts in Divorce Cases

Hiring a lawyer is the first step when getting a divorce. The lawyer will be your legal advisor through the course of the divorce. A few points to keep in mind when hiring a lawyer:

  • Experience: You should ensure that the lawyer you are hiring has enough experience to handle your case well. He/she must be efficient and tactful.
  • Interest: Not only should a lawyer take interest in your case he or she should also devote enough time to carry out all the legal proceedings of your divorce.
  • Fee structure: It is our advice that you must be well-acquainted with your financial capacity and limitations right at the onset. You are advised to have an honest and open conversation with your lawyer regarding the fee structure of your case and so on.

If your financial limitations render it impossible to afford a lawyer, you can contact your area’s District Legal Services Authority to represent you. In such cases, a lawyer is assigned by the government minus any charges. There are also certain non-governmental organizations that can provide either free representation or at least refer to you legal services that are affordable.

In India, the Vakalatnama is the signed legal document that authorizes a particular lawyer to represent you in court.